Dental Anxiety Relief and Pain Control

Patient comfort and care is a top priority for Dr. Tad Lovan! He recognizes that dental anxiety or discomfort can be associated with some dentistry procedures. Fortunately, a variety of dental procedures using dental anesthetics are available to relieve both anxiety and discomfort. Talk with Dr.Tad about pain free dentistry to find out which is right for you.

Local Anesthetic:
This is the most frequently used type of dental anesthetic. Although often referred to as "Novocain," this once popular painkilling drug has actually been replaced by more effective anesthetics such as Lidocaine for a pain free dental care treatment. It also works very well for temporary relief of a tooth ache.

However, the name has become so much a part of the American vocabulary, it's now used in generic terms. Prior to injecting the local anesthetic, a pain free dentist often swabs a topical anesthetic over the injection site to prevent feeling the pain of the needle.

Remember, a dentist using state of the art dental technology such as CEREC for 1-visit dental crowns and veneers will only need to sedate you for 1 visit as this technology allows the dentist to complete the dental restoration in under 2 hours, from start to finish! Traditional methods still predominantly used in numerous dental practices today require the dentist to outsource the creation and design of your tooth to another lab. Turn around time is generally 2 weeks and requires the patient to be under the needle for 2 or 3 more visits...just to finish one crown! This means sedating a patient 2 or more times! This is so unnecessary today and is why Dr. Tad utilizes CEREC dental restoration technology... and his patients appreciate the beauty and expedience!

Dr. Tad Lovan is a dentist providing dental procedures such as cleanings, dental crowns, teeth whitening, CEREC restorations, and porcelain veneers in South Bend.
Dr. Tad Lovan is licensed as a general dentist in the state of Indiana.